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Omron makes Lean easier

May 17, 2010
By Mary Del

May 17, 2010 – Omron Industrial Automation‘s new Lean Automation Packs deliver a fully integrated, pre-engineered solution for small machines that cut design and installation time by 50% compared to components sourced from separate suppliers, the company says.

Each pack builds a complete, compact and scalable high-performance solution to handle either speed control with an AC drive (inverter) or position control with a servo drive and motor. All packs contain Omron’s CP1L micro programmable controller, NV3Q color operator interface terminal, CX-ONE Lite software, sample programs for most commonly used functions, time-saving Quick Start setup guide, S8JX power supply, cables, and components.

“All the components in the Lean Automation Packs were selected for simplicity, compactness and cost-to-performance value,” explains Kevin O’Connor, Omron Vice President of North American Sales. “This is an industry first, offering a complete machine solution in one box that can be scaled up easily to handle more axes, more I/O and additional communication paths. From a logistics point of view, ordering a single part to provide a complete solution reduces paperwork, ensures all the correct components arrive simultaneously, and decreases the number of suppliers to manage.”

The Lean Automation Packs were developed in response to machine builder requests for a way to reduce the upfront design through commissioning costs to reclaim more profit from standalone, one-off and low-volume small machine projects. Two types of packs feature pre-engineered components that cover the range of capabilities found in most small machines. Speed Control and Position Control Lean Automation Packs are each available in three sizes to match machine requirements.


Omron eliminated the complexity of selecting, ordering, configuring and wiring automation components from multiple suppliers to achieve a lean result. 

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