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Kids not interested in engineering, survey says

January 19, 2009
By Alyssa Dalton

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – ASQ (American Society for Quality) has learned that when it comes to kids’ dream jobs, engineering is not on the list.

An overwhelming 85 percent of youth surveyed say that they are not interested in a future engineering career. According to a recent survey of youth, the top three reasons why kids aren’t interested in engineering include: they don’t know much about engineering (44 percent); they prefer a more exciting career than engineering (30 percent); and they don’t feel confident enough in their math or science skills (21 percent) to be good at it.

Findings from the adult survey on this topic show that: only 20 percent of parents have encouraged/will encourage their child/children to consider an engineering career; and the vast majority of parents (97 percent) believe that knowledge of math and science will help their children have a successful career.

The ASQ survey aimed to provide a better understanding about the perceptions of selecting an engineering career in light of the looming skilled trades shortage.


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