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Funding promotes women in technology

March 19, 2009
By Alyssa Dalton

OTTAWA, Ont. – The Honourable Helena Guergis, Minister of State (Status of Women), recently announced federal support for a project entitled Supporting Women’s Leadership in the Advanced Technology Sectors. Run by the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance, Women in Technology (CATA WIT), the project will encourage more women to consider the advanced technology field, and help those women already working in the field to improve the skills, knowledge and expertise they need for success.

CATA WIT will receive $405,000 over two fiscal years for the project.
It will use mentoring and other tools to help break down barriers
facing women. During the project:
• 135 women will participate in development and mentorship workshops on networking and improved leadership skills;
• 75 women will help identify leading practices for women in the sector;
• 60 women will help develop the tools that support and promote the participation of women; and
• 25,000 men and women business leaders will increase their knowledge
of best practices with respect to growth-oriented, women-owned firms.  

"This industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Estimates are that up to
89,000 new information and communications technology jobs will be
created over the next three to five years," said Minister Guergis.
"There are thousands of women ready to explore and expand the
opportunities available to them in this exciting sector of our economy.
Through partnerships with organizations like CATA WIT, our government
is working to ensure that those women have the tools they need to
succeed in this field."   

Based in Ottawa, CATA WIT is a non-profit organization that is
committed to the advancement of women in technology. "We are facing a
potential skills shortage in our industry over the next few years,"
said John Reid, president and CEO of CATA WIT. "We think this project
will take us a long way forward in getting more women into advanced
technology industries and helping more women expand their opportunities
in the sector."


Funding for the Supporting Women’s Leadership in the Advanced
Technology Sectors
project comes from the Women’s Partnership Fund of
the Women’s Program of Status of Women Canada. The fund supports collaborative projects that involve leveraging matching
funds from other partners, including other levels of government.

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