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Motor manufacturer teaches Girl Scout troop about manufacturing

May 17, 2011
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

It is never too early to introduce manufacturing to today’s youth. That’s what Bison Gear & Engineering Corp. believes. And that is why the St. Charles, Ill.-based designer and manufacturer of fractional horsepower electric motors, gearmotors and gear reducers recently hosted 12 young girls and their troop leaders from the Grade 3 Girl Scout troop at Lombard Madison Elementary School in Illinois for a plant tour.

Before the tour began, the troop was shown a short video highlighting how products are manufactured. Employees explained the different types of company positions held within Bison, and the education requirements necessary to succeed at each position. They stressed the importance of education and how excelling in S.T.E.M. – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – subjects will be critical for their future development, regardless of the career path they choose.

The plant tour took the troop through the numerous manufacturing processes that materials go through in order to produce a final product. After the tour, Bison treated its guests to snacks made by equipment from actual Bison customers.

“The excitement and enthusiasm generated from each of these Girl Scouts was wonderful, and they asked such interesting questions about manufacturing,” said Sylvia Wetzel, chief learning officer at Bison Gear. “As a manufacturer, it’s essential that we open our doors to young people so that they can experience firsthand how exciting it is to see things manufactured and witness the many career opportunities available in manufacturing.”

Bison Gear conducts tours for organizations, schools and colleges on a regular basis. If you are a manufacturer based in Canada who does the same, e-mail, and share your story. Let us know what you are doing to educate the next generation of skilled workers.

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