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Aerospace giants talk innovation

June 4, 2010
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Global aerospace leaders will gather in Windsor for an aerospace symposium designed to spark innovation.

On the Wings of Innovation 2010, an exclusive VIP global event organized by the Ontario government and the Ontario Aerospace Council, will take place June 4-6, 2010. More than 40 organizations have currently registered for this event including Boeing, EADS and its Divisions Airbus and Eurocopter, Bombardier, and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). A dozen of the world’s leading systems integrators, Ontario-based aerospace and advanced technology companies, representatives from three universities and colleges, as well as federal and provincial government officials will also be in attendance.

Developing tomorrow’s aircraft demands innovation that surpasses current technologies. This unique symposium will bring multiple levels of the aerospace industry together (global manufacturers, systems integrators and Ontario companies) in a focused environment to spark new ideas, exchange information, and showcase innovation.

Organizers plan to reveal the findings of a consumer survey conducted specifically for this symposium. Most of the travelers interviewed revealed that they want aircraft designers to make air travel more comfortable. Researchers looked at current in-flight experiences of American commercial airline travelers, asked them to prioritize their issues and also examined how possible future aircraft design changes could improve traveler satisfaction.


"In this globally competitive market, Boeing seeks to work with true partners who share our commitment to performance excellence, represent the best of industry, and are looking toward the future with us," said Gwen Kopsie, director of international industrial participation for Boeing Defense, Space and Security.  "We certainly find them in Canada – home to one of our largest international supplier bases, with more than 200 major industry and university partnerships in every region of the country, including some 85 in Ontario. ‘On the Wings of Innovation’ is a singular venue to interface with Ontario firms and discover new opportunities for Canadian industry to continue providing a diverse mix of high-value goods and services to Boeing and its customers."

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