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Toronto to open its first biodiesel manufacturing facility

January 19, 2011
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Energy Innovation Corp. (EIC) plans to open Toronto’s first biodiesel manufacturing facility in the port lands. Working with Invest Toronto and the property owner, Toronto Port Lands Co. (TPLC), EIC has selected an existing 8,600-square-foot facility on Unwin Avenue to produce market-ready biodiesel and meet the federal government’s renewable fuel target. 

Canada currently produces just over 200 million litres of biodiesel annually. In 2011, the country’s demand will expand to more than 650 million litres to meet projections based on the Canadian government’s new regulation requiring diesel fuel and heating oil to contain an average of two percent biodiesel.  

EIC’s first full-scale manufacturing plant, to open in spring of 2011, will have the capacity to produce more than 10 million litres of biodiesel per year. The domestic production of biodiesel will provide the opportunity to meet Canada’s mandate without relying on imports, and reduce CO2, soot emissions and greenhouse gases by 99 percent. 

"We are excited to bring the technology that will ensure Canada meets its federal biodiesel mandate to Toronto," said EIC CEO Jon Dwyer. "Setting up our first plant in the Toronto port lands will allow us to partner with the right organizations, such as the City of Toronto, waste management companies and local train operators, to meet this demand and help the city emerge as a player in the burgeoning green energy industry."


The facility will create 12 full-time positions in the port lands. The Unwin Avenue facility is the first of eight EIC biodiesel production centres to be located around the province.

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