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Innovation through Automation – Share your success story

February 14, 2011
By Mary Del

Manufacturing AUTOMATION is introducing a new series highlighting manufacturers who demonstrate innovation through an automated process in their manufacturing operations. The Innovation through Automation section will be launched in the May 2011 issue.

What is considered innovation through automation? When a company has successfully implemented a change in the thought process or taken a new approach to how something is done through the application of automation in its manufacturing operations. If you are a manufacturer demonstrating innovation through automation, or if you have helped a manufacturer demonstrate innovation through the implementation of automation, we want to hear from you.

If you would like us to consider profiling your company in this free, editorial section, please provide a brief description including the following information:
– Project objective: What is the problem that this innovation was seeking to address?
– Describe the innovation
– Technologies employed
– Results: Has your innovation
     o saved money
     o saved time
     o improved quality
     o increased production
     o reduced waste
     o All of the above
     o Other
Please elaborate on how the innovation has accomplished any or all of the above.
– What makes this innovative? What is particularly noteworthy about this innovative product or process?

Please answer the above questions and e-mail your pitch, with the subject line Innovation through Automation, to the editor, Mary Del Ciancio, at Alternatively, if you have an already-developed case study that you feel is a fit, please submit it to Mary Del Ciancio.


All submissions must involve a company based in Canada. If we are interested in pursuing your story idea, or publishing your case study, Mary Del Ciancio will be in touch. Please provide contact information – name, phone number and e-mail address – so we can get in touch.

Please submit all case studies or article pitches to Mary Del Ciancio at by Monday, February 28, 2011.

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