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KSB launches energy efficiency initiative

July 18, 2011
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

With studies indicating that pumps and related equipment consume approximately 20 percent of energy used in industry, it’s clear that improving this type of equipment’s energy efficiency has enormous potential for saving money and reducing environmental impact. That is why centrifugal pump builder KSB has developed an integrated approach to energy efficiency that looks at all aspects of pump system performance.

This approach, termed Fluid Future, begins by looking at the complete fluid transport system where the pumps will be working. Once a full understanding of the operating parameters has been obtained, the next step is to select the right equipment for the job. In addition to selecting the best type of pump for the application, it is important to ensure that optional features – special materials, impellers, seals, etc. – meet the requirements of the application. The equipment configurations are then fine-tuned in terms of both the hydraulic characteristics and the system of motors, drives and controls to ensure that the pumps’ optimal duty points will match to the flow conditions required by the application.

“By taking a comprehensive, systems-based approach to specifying and optimizing equipment, our applications engineers can work with our customers [to] get the best possible performance for their pumping solutions,” said Mike Blundell, president of KSB Pumps Inc. “Case after case, our team in Mississauga has demonstrated that improved energy efficiency reduces the total cost of ownership, while also reducing the system’s carbon footprint. It’s a win all around.”

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