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Self-adjusting cushioning

July 2, 2009
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Festo’s self-adjusting cushioning PPS is designed to make it possible to achieve a dynamic but gentle cushioning action into the end positions of pneumatic cylinders without the need for manual intervention. Until now, users had to adjust the end-position cushioning integrated into cylinders manually, with the risk of slow cycle times or excessive noise generation. Manual adjustment of end-position cushioning also takes time; making commissioning a very long process in the case of installations with a lot of drives requiring cushioning. Self-adjusting cushioning PPS from Festo is designed to ensure an optimum cushioning action every time, even if parameters such as friction and pressure change. It also reduces the acceleration forces acting on components and workpieces, cutting down on wear and minimizing vibration. This cushioning is now available with the Festo round cylinder DSNU.

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