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Position feedback cylinders

July 2, 2009
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Bimba Manufacturing’s non-contact pneumatic position feedback cylinders – the PFCN models – are designed to be resistant to the effects of moisture, oil, airborne debris, dust and airline contamination. In addition, each cylinder is factory calibrated for precise zero- to 10-volt DC output. A proprietary magnetostrictive sensor, fixed inside the cylinder, senses position as the piston moves back and forth. Because of this, cylinders avoid wear and tear from rapid short-stroke cycling, making them ideal for demanding applications. All PFCN models come in 09, 17, 31, 50 and 70 bore sizes, and strokes up to nine inches. Rod lock models are also available. Additional features include front nose, block front, universal mounting, bumpers, rod extension, low friction design and a companion closed-loop PCS controller.
Bimba Manufacturing

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