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Robotic joints

August 18, 2011
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Robolink multi-axis joint modules from igus are designed for humanoid robots and other lightweight automation applications. Robolink options and components range from high-strength Bowden cables, to drive units and attachment accessories for the robot arm. The lightweight, maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant joints are made from tribologically optimized plastics. They are driven by cables and can rotate and swivel freely. Bowden cables used in the robolink system lower friction due to an optimized friction couple, the company explains. A full range of mechanical accessories for attaching the robot joints and routing the Bowden cables includes flange shaft blocks, interior separators to divide drive and data cables, a cable tensioning system, and a range of cable pulleys. Space-saving drive units featuring four drive motors and one housing, including cable deflectors and guides, are also available for the robolink system. The units use a configurable drive disc, which connects to the system. Users can attach the disc drive to a variety of different motor or gear shafts and then connect the wear-resistant cables.

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