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Micro diaphragm pump

September 2, 2011  by Manufacturing AUTOMATION

The KNF NMS010 micro diaphragm pump is designed to transfer, evacuate or compress gases for portable monitors and gas-sampling instrument applications requiring high performance in a small package. This compact pump measures 13.2 mm (width) by 26 mm (height) by 39 mm (length), weighs 20 grams, and can deliver flow rates up to 0.75 l/min, vacuum up to 12 In Hg and pressure up to 7.5 psig. The pump has an oval-shaped diaphragm that uses the space over the motor to increase the size of the pumping chamber. This leads to a higher flow rate than a comparably sized round diaphragm, yet it takes up the same envelope size as a round diaphragm, the company explains. High levels of gas tightness are possible due to a closed diaphragm surface and efficient sealing system. Oil-less operation enables uncontaminated flow of the pumped medium and contributes to safe and virtually no maintenance pump operation, according to the company. A newly engineered valve system promotes low aerodynamic loss and the pump exhibits minimal noise over a long service life. Users can select from a variety of DC motors to deliver the power.

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