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Illuminated pushbuttons

September 2, 2011
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

EAO Corporation’s Series 84 PCB pushbuttons are designed to bring multi-colour “halo” illumination capabilities to design engineers working on HMI systems and control panels. The Series 84 PCB offers a range of 22.5-mm, PCB-mounted pushbuttons and indicators designed to quickly and easily program to change colour, pulse, flash and illuminate at the edge, creating a variety of dynamic effects. The Series 84 PCB allows design engineers to create engaging, animated and intuitively easy-to-use control panels of any size, the company says. For example, they can utilize 10 different SMD LEDs to produce customer-specific illumination combinations; or select eight outer ring LEDs to produce a “halo” and an additional bi-colour LED for the centre. With the assistance of additionally supplied electronics, these switches can be used alongside touchscreens and displays to emphasize primary or additional controls to show initiation sequences with a dynamic LED countdown; increase or decrease output; provide visual warning signals through the use of multiple colours or animated illumination sequences; or show various cycle stages of application by changing illumination. The transparent actuator is mounted on the PCB using a flange with snap-on connector. There’s a choice of flat or raised, plastic or aluminum lenses. Cost savings can be achieved in end-user applications since several functions can be combined into one switch, thereby minimizing panel space and the need for multiple components, the company says.

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