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NAIT launches wireless systems engineering technology program

September 2, 2011
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

NAIT has launched a new Wireless Systems Engineering Technology program to address the privacy and security concerns associated with wireless technology. The two-year diploma program kicks off this month.

“We want to make students aware of these issues, but from an ethical point of view,” says program chair Lawrence Rodnunsky. “We want to present them with the information, so they can learn how to make systems more secure.”

As an example, Rodnunsky points to some new credit cards that can transmit information wirelessly to terminals through radio frequency identification tags. A chip provides the terminal with the credit card number, avoiding the need for a clerk to swipe the card. But in the wrong hands, the same technology can be used to steal credit card information.

Rodnunsky says, if not secured properly, even the wireless routers used in many homes can pose a significant security risk.


But wireless security is only one part of the two-year diploma program. Rodnunsky says students will learn about residential, industrial and enterprise wireless communications systems. The students will plan, design and implement wireless communications solutions in a technology that is constantly evolving.

The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association reports that wireless communications generate a total economic value of more than $41 billion to the Canadian economy. As well, the wireless industry employs more than 261,000 people in various roles — from engineering, technical design, technical support and servicing, to sales.

Graduates of the program are expected to find employment in all aspects of the information and communications engineering technology industry, including manufacturing, utilities, cable and satellite communications, government and sales.

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