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High-speed camera

September 23, 2011
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

The Keyence VW-9000 High-speed Microscope incorporates a built-in light source, LED monitor, analysis software and PC components, and can be used not only for standard high-speed applications, but doubles as a digital microscope for inspection and development work. With a newly redesigned CMOS sensor, the VW-9000 is capable of recording high-speed processes at up to 230,000 frames per second, and can capture video for up to 13 hours. Since the VW-9000 is an all-in-one system, all of the necessary components are built into the unit, and it can be set up and ready to operate in just a matter of minutes, the company explains. Features include: support for both colour and monochrome cameras; the ability to perform both macro and micro imaging; high-speed recording is automatically played back in slow motion, allowing real-time adjustments during setup; and a new Motion Graph function is able to graphically display changes in a target’s movement, reducing the amount of time needed to search for events of interest within a video. Recorded footage can be edited and analysed directly on the controller. The VW-9000 automatically tracks moving objects in recorded footage to quantify speed, acceleration, distance, angle and other measurements. An Error Monitoring function can also automatically analyse repetitive movements to determine when an abnormal event occurs. High-resolution Keyence digital microscope lenses can be used with the VW-9000 for greater magnification. Observation time can be significantly reduced with a large depth of field, ideal for targets with irregular surfaces, the company says. Lighting adapters and image optimization functions help eliminate the need for complex adjustments and allow low-contrast and highly reflective targets to be viewed in high detail.

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