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Automatic refilling spray bottle system

December 18, 2009
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Walter Surface Technologies has created the new Air Force / AF-Weld, a revolutionary system the company says is to prevent weld porosity and reduce the costs of welding operations while simultaneously minimizing the environmental impact.

Thanks to the addition of special and natural ingredients, the new AF-Weld anti-spatter emulsion retracts in the presence of heat, leaving the immediate welding area clean and void of liquid. This prevents anti-spatter liquid from chemically interacting with the metal during fusion and thus negates impurities and porosity in the weld. This aids welders in making “clean” welds.
This automatic refilling spray bottle system dispenses the Walter-made Spatter-Block product line for aiding welders’ clean-up and minimizing post-welding efforts. It comprises an automatic refilling station, a refillable aluminum bottle and a 10-litre bag-in-box of AF-Weld anti-spatter product. This Air Force system immediately reduces environmental impact by using compressed air as a propellant and by eliminating the need to dispose of empty aerosol cans of anti-spatter.

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