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Pressure and temperature cavity injection moulding sensor

October 24, 2011
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Kistler’s Type 6190 is a high-precision transducer designed to offer combined measurements of both cavity pressure and contact temperature during industrial thermoplastic and elastomeric injection moulding operations. The Type 6190 pressure sensor incorporates a high-quality quartz-sensing element and a diaphragm-free design with a flat, measuring front and four-millimetre bore diameter, allowing it to support space-constrained mould cavity pressure measurements of up to 2,000 bar. An integral thermocouple and field replaceable connecting cable are included to support enhanced temperature measurement capabilities, with the compact sensor dimensions allowing for fast temperature response times. Mounting dimensions are directly compatible with bore sizes of Kistler Types 6175B and 6177 pressure sensors for the easy drop-in replacement of legacy sensors in applications where additional temperature measurement capabilities are important for improved process data collection. The rugged combination cable feeds both pressure and temperature signals to two connectors. The sensor is designed to reliably operate in temperatures of up to 200 degrees C.

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