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CMM programming software

November 7, 2011
By Mary Del

Nikon Metrology’s CAMIO7 is multi-sensor CMM software that reflects the latest from Microsoft Windows, featuring the ribbon style toolbar. This serves as the central location where all software functions are logically grouped into tabbed sections, containing all required operations, eliminating the need to search through long menu structures. CAMIO7 was developed with every user profile in mind. One important design criterion was to combine powerful functionalities with easy-to-use workflows. Users can select any combination of features to measure by using ‘teach and learn’ from the handbox, picking from a CAD model, or typing co-ordinates from the component drawing. CAMIO7 automatically programs the touch points for each feature; however, specific touch points can be defined if required. When highlighting a group of multiple features, their properties are automatically filtered down to allow global modifications to all the remaining common properties from within this group in a single operation. Laser scanning with CAMIO7 is now easier to use for feature inspection, the company says. The new software interface allows both feature-related measurement and reporting to be defined together. Such improvements reduce programming time drastically, especially for more complex parts that exhibit hundreds of features. For measuring surface areas, CAMIO7 users can simply cover the target area with a configurable grid to automatically define the measurement points. Also, CAMIO7 includes full support for laser scan area definition, making it possible to use the scan data for reverse engineering or surface analysis. CAMIO7 offers true multi-sensor capability and simplified probe management to change between contact and non-contact probing within the same measurement program. In this way, the best CMM inspection routine for the application is achieved, the company explains.

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