Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Programmable logic controller

November 27, 2011
By Mary Del

Schneider Electric’s Modicon M168 Programmable Logic Controller is designed to help OEMs and end users improve performance, optimize costs and speed time-to-market for HVAC/R machines. Using flexible architectures, customized design and SoHVAC software – designed to simplify programming and commissioning – the new controller offers solutions for small/medium chillers, roof top units, refrigeration racks and air handling units. SoHVAC software is designed to help curb industrial machine engineering times. The software can program and commission HVAC/R automation systems, including Modicon M168 PLCs and remote displays, function blocks, machine programs, I/O, variable speed drives and communication networks. The web-enabled capabilities of the Modicon M168 PLC allow machine OEMs and end users to monitor energy consumption, machine shutdowns and other problems remotely. The controller can also be easily integrated into Building Management System platforms through communications protocols such as BACnet, allowing for energy savings up to 30 percent. Other energy savings features on the Modicon M168 PLC include: energy efficient application function blocks, such as floating high pressure with variable speed drives, AHU/water temperature and plant mode control; variable speed drives allowing for a 50 percent savings in energy consumption compared to conventional motor starter and flow regulation installations; and advanced control application function blocks on key functions. The Modicon M168 PLC and SoHVAC software are part of Schneider Electric’s MachineStruxure architecture, an automation solution that uses a single software suite and new equipment platforms to help OEMs design machines that are optimized for cost, energy efficiency and performance.

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