Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Multi-point measurement

December 13, 2011
By Mary Del

The new Keyence TM-3000 2D Optical Micrometer introduces technological advancements to 100 percent automated high-speed, in-line or offline measurement and inspection applications. The TM-3000 is designed to combine the functionality of a laser scan micrometer, machine vision system and optical comparator into a single device. It is available in three sensor head sizes, and has the ability to use two transmitter-receiver pairs simultaneously to provide unparalleled flexibility, the company says. The 2D Optical Micrometer employs a dual telecentric lens to create uniform collimated light with a green LED. A two dimensional CMOS array then detects the light to dark transitions on the 2D array to measure the dimensions. High speed and high precision are a result of sub-pixel processing only in the areas or points designated for measurement, according to the company. Because the system works in two dimensions, it can measure up to 16 points within the measurement area. A combination of 15 measurement modes and eight auxiliary modes can support measurements including, but not limited to, hole diameter, centre pitch, intersection point, radius, width, angle, perpendicular distance and area. The position correction function automatically orients the test part prior to measurement.

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