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Flat cables

January 23, 2012
By Mary Del

Cicoil’s Festoon Cables are designed for continuous flexing and extreme temperature applications from -65 degrees C to 260 degrees C. Ideal in overhead crane, gantry and material handling systems, these UV-resistant cables can be used as an alternative to PVC and Neoprene jacketed flat cables that do not provide reliability in severe environment and harsh weather conditions, the company says. Cicoil’s crystal-clear silicone encapsulation is designed to be tear-resistant, needs no external conduit for protection, and will not deform or wear during a lifetime of more than 10 million cycles, even under tight bending radius and high-speed flexing conditions. The silicone-extruded cables are unaffected when exposed to flames, extreme heat, ice, snow, salt water, acid rain, coarse sand, shock, vibration, sunlight and most chemicals. For applications that require abrasion and adhesion resistance, Cicoil offers anti-friction coating options by request.

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