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Andromeda embedded services framework

November 12, 2009
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Galixsys Networks‘ Andromeda is a complete software solution to enable automated communication between networked devices. Built on top of the existing World Wide Web infrastructure, Andromeda offers a service capability for a range of device classes, from deeply embedded systems to devices running a high level operating system. With minimal hardware, traditionally non-networked devices can be networked without increasing apparent complexity to the user. Typical applications include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Automatic storage and retrieval of captured or generated data from sensors, monitors, or controllers.
  • Robotic or artificial intelligence (AI) enhancement via server or cloud computing.
  • Digital still cameras or video players with automatic upload or streaming of pictures and video.
  • Remote monitors requiring greater functionality or automation over web page serving.

Andromeda creates a Services-Over-HTTP layer in a similar vein as enterprise class XML-based methodologies such as SOAP or REST. However, what separates Andromeda over these XML methods is how both commands and data are passed over the web. Through a patent-pending method, Andromeda is able to embed commands along with data inside a standard HTTP data stream. This is possible as Andromeda is not simply just a services framework, but a total client and server software solution. With Andromeda and the design services provided by Galixsys Networks, any embedded system can have enterprise-class service-over-the-web capability.  The benefits of Andromeda include the following:

  •  Matched web client and server (as CGI program) services framework, with a unique method to pass any general command and data over a standard HTTP interface.
  • The web client may run on the embedded device itself, allowing the device to initiate any network operation. This allows for significant bandwidth savings over existing polling methods if an embedded web server only is employed, and allows the device to take on more decision-making activities in the system.
  • Both client and server 100% ANSI C Easily target any class of products on any instruction set architecture (ISA) on any operating system (HLOS or RTOS). No dependencies on third-party libraries.
  • Enhanced security above standard web security techniques via framed packet-based data transfer.
  • Allows the application-specific functionality of a custom TCP/IP application but the security, ease of maintenance and ease of integration of a general web client/server.


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