Manufacturing AUTOMATION

EtherNet/IP integration

March 7, 2012
By Mary Del

Manufacturers Automation Inc. has announced the release of EtherNet/IP integration functions in the latest V3.0 firmware upgrade for the Moxa EDS-400A and 500A series. The EtherNet/IP integration function provides seamless integration with EtherNet/IP systems, such as Rockwell’s FactoryTalk and RSLogix 5000. With the latest V3.0 firmware, Moxa managed industrial Ethernet switches now can be diagnosed, configured and securely monitored by Ethernet IP SCADA systems, HMIs and PLCs. The V3.0 firmware upgrade is free to download. The EtherNet/IP packaged within the V3.0 firmware has been released on Moxa’s website for most Moxa products, and both the EDS-405A/408A and EDS-505A/508A/510A/516A/518A series, and will be released soon for EDS-828, PT-7828, IKS-G series, ICS series, and TN series. Besides EtherNet/IP, the V3.0 firmware also supports new features such as MSTP, TACACS+, Hybrid VLAN and CLI.

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