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Multi-Ethernet protocol support

March 2, 2011
By Mary Del

With a new range of powerful and highly compact DIN-rail-mount controller hardware, Rexroth now offers its IndraMotion MTX CNC solutions with multi-Ethernet protocol support.

The controllers offer two real-time SERCOS III 100 Mbs Ethernet ports for highly synchronized motion and I/O control, including TCP/IP communication over SERCOS III for fast drive parameters access and backup. The user can configure two additional real-time Ethernet ports via Rexroth’s IndraWorks Engineering Suite for the Fieldbus of choice – ProfiNet or Ethernet/IP. Traditional Profibus DP devices can be connected to the Profibus DP port, which can be configured as a master or slave. A dedicated Ethernet TCP/IP port can be used for executing large NC-programs via the mounted network (DNC) folders. The CNC and drive are commissioned by Ethernet connection using IndraWorks on a laptop or PC. Open communication is available by Ethernet TCP/IP from the PLC program and an integrated OPC UA server.

Users can choose the HMI hardware and CNC controller that meets their performance needs. The IndraMotion MTX standard CML 45, with a 500-MHz CPU, can control up to eight axes across two NC channels, with four-axis simultaneous interpolation. The IndraMotion MTX performance CML 65 has a one-GHz processor and can control eight to 64 axes (up to 32 spindles) across three to 12 NC channels. Rexroth’s IndraMotion MTX advanced CML 85 provides the fastest PLC logic and NC-block processing times using CoreDuo processor hardware, according to the company. It can control eight to 64 axes (up to 32 spindles) across three to 12 NC channels.


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