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Automated flip-top closing technology

March 29, 2012
By Mary Del

CBW Automation, a manufacturer of advanced, high-speed automation solutions for the plastics processing industry, packaging and medical markets, has developed new technology for flip-top caps. The company is offering high-speed robotic parts capture systems that include a new cap closing technology, downstream cap handling and packaging systems designed to reduce labour and work-in-process, improve part quality, increase mould/press uptime and maximize output. CBW’s new cap closing technology provides a method by which parts are captured by the robot and closed immediately after retrieval, eliminating the need for descrambling and closing devices. With the “Flip-top Closing on the Fly” technology, the mould opens roughly about four inches per parting line, the robot verifies that the parts are captured, and the robot clears the mould. The high-speed carbon fibre design typically allows for the caps to be removed more quickly than free dropping. The company says the technology provides cycle time, productivity and quality advantages.

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