Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Wireless sensor alerts

April 27, 2012
By Mary Del

Predictive Sensor Technology (PST) has introduced a Wireless Environmental Temperature, Humidity and Dew point Sensor/Transmitter (PST-THD), which alerts the user via text or e-mail when pre-set targets are reached. The solution can help control critical parameters and eliminate surprise changes in conditions detrimental to the process in operations that are sensitive to ambient conditions. PST monitoring also helps customers evaluate temperature, humidity and dew point in real-time to help determine the correct ingredient amounts that need to be adjusted based on those conditions. PST’s proprietary iStatus software is the heart of the PST system, checking each data transmission against user-configured alarm thresholds. New alarms trigger e-mail or text notification. iStatus automatically logs data at user-configured intervals in a SQL database. Users can run pre-configured reports to view trends or program their own in the SQL database. The iStatus software provides the ability to configure messaging, build reports, export data, and scale and zero sensor outputs.

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