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CAD/CAM for CNC machining

August 3, 2012
By Alison Dunn

SA International (SAi) recently launched EnRoute Version 5 CAD/CAM software, designed to provide a way to create and output files. EnRoute 5 has been specifically introduced to facilitate integration with three-axis CNC machines in the CNC woodworking, CNC sign making and manufacturing and fabrication industries. Version 5 is a fully-equipped interface containing enhanced nesting options that provide several new nesting capabilities. Relief creation and editing has also been expanded with new offsetting and distortion tools, while new ways to distort contours and toolpaths have been added to increase possibilities for creativity and deliver precise results. The company says the software is able to handle a wide range of applications via tools that address the needs of high-volume commercial applications. These include the ability to nest materials together to reduce waste, as well as cut more parts per hour thanks to shorter production times. In addition, it has been designed to undertake detailed 3D work with surface creation and texturing.

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