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Compact I/O coupler

February 18, 2008
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Beckhoff Automationís new BK1250 “Compact” coupler is designed to act as a bridge between Beckhoff’s original Bus Terminal I/O line and high speed EtherCAT Terminals for optimum interoperability. The company is billing the coupler as a “Bus Coupler in a Bus Terminal housing,” and it is designed to convert EtherCAT’s E-bus signal so that data can also be passed over original Beckhoff I/O terminals (K-bus) all on the same I/O node. The combined 300+ terminal variants within the Beckhoff Bus Terminal and EtherCAT I/O systems can now be integrated more easily and cost-effectively, without having to separate I/O types on different nodes.
Beckhoff Automation

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