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Modular energy meters

January 18, 2013
By Alison Dunn

Lovato Electric’s new DME modular energy meters are designed to reduce energy requirements, as well as costs and environmental impact. The single-phase version, in just one (18mm) module size, can be connected directly to systems with rating up to 40A, and then there are two three-phase versions, one with direct 63A current and the other with current transformer connection, both in 4-module size. The range is completed by a single-phase 2-module version for up to direct 63A. DME energy meters are electrically safe and accurate in compliance with class B requirements of EC Measuring Instruments Directive 2004/22/EC (MID). Consumption is displayed by a metrological LED on the front panel, or by a programmable pulse output that can also act as an alarm if the preset thresholds are exceeded. The user can also view the voltage, current, frequency, power, power factor and maximum.

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