Manufacturing AUTOMATION

3D vision system

June 6, 2011
By Mary Del

Designed for part picking, box moving and automated kitting applications, MotoSight 3D Spatial Vision, a 3D vision system, delivers real-time 3D vision guidance for Motoman robots. The system is powered by Universal Robotics’ Spatial Vision Robotics software. MotoSight 3D features an alignment wizard that walks the user through the process of calibrating the cameras and robot, and then loading standard CAD files of parts the system should track. The calibration files can interface to C, C++ or MATLAB robotic real-time control programs. MotoSight 3D Spatial Vision uses pattern matching to determine true 3D for six degrees (X, Y, Z, Rx, Ry, Rz) of position and pose information. It offers guided intrinsic (camera/camera) and extrinsic (camera/robot) calibration, and provides two to four mm accuracy at typical robot working distance using off-the-shelf Logitech 9000 webcams. GigE cameras can also be used.

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