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Industrial operator panel for vision systems

March 1, 2013
By Alison Dunn

Cognex Corporation has released the VisionView 900 industrial operator panel for both In-Sight vision systems and Ethernet-ready DataMan barcode readers. The larger nine-inch display is designed to allow operators to quickly identify issues on the manufacturing line so they can respond promptly, improving quality and reducing downtime. The IP65-rated touch screen allows users to view images and overlay graphics for up to nine In-Sight or DataMan systems simultaneously without requiring a PC on the factory floor. In addition to viewing inspection results onscreen, operators can easily modify inspection parameters, adjust camera focus and load and save jobs previously configured on the vision system. They can also save images, for subsequent troubleshooting and process optimization, using either the Ethernet network or one of the built-in USB ports. Password protection regulates the operator’s control over regions of interest and vision tool parameters.

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