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Vision measuring machine with optical vision head

March 15, 2013 | By Alison Dunn

Mitutoyo Canada Inc. recently released the new Quick Vision WLI vision measuring machine complete with optical vision head. The Quick Vision WLI also incorporates a white light interferometer (WLI) head. Together these heads enable high accuracy performance of non-contact vision plus non-contact 3D measurement of high aspect-ratio minute form functions in a single machine – eliminating the need to move a workpiece from one type of machine to another. The Quick Vision WLI interferometer head splits a beam of white light in two; one beam goes towards a reference mirror and the other beam goes to the workpiece. As the reference objective is moved along the Z-axis, a white “interference ring” is observed on the focus point; analysis of this ring makes it possible to determine the 3D shape of the feature under observation.

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