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Flexible, multi-lane feeder

December 9, 2009
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

The space-saving multi-lane parts feeder from The Arthur G. Russell Co. achieves excellence in customized product handling with a compactfeed system that meets the criteria for projects requiring high-output within a limited floor space, the company says.

The quiet-running, patented Vibro-Block electromagnetic vibrator sits at the heart of the feeder to deliver a consistent, controlled product feed with high-output product delivery across multiple lanes. Vibro-Block technology allows A.G. Russell to design feeders to accommodate products made of plastic, metal, glass materials or a combination of materials.

Although each feeder is custom engineered and tooled for the specific application, most A.G. Russell multi-lane feeders are configured either with an integral bin that presents product directly to each individual lane; or with a conventional bin that supplies product into one or more vibratory feeder bowls that then supply components to multiple lanes. 

It is typically used in conjunction with an indexing chassis assembly system. The feeder can be integrated with the assembly machine to deliver the product by whatever means best suit the application. Most often parts are presented to the assembly machine by means of pneumatic escapements, rollover devices and pick and place mechanisms using vacuum pick-up heads or mechanical grippers. In instances in which space or access around the assembly machine is limited, vacuum-operated escapements can be supplied to deliver the parts to the assembly machine while maintaining the required pitch.


The custom-engineered, modular, multi-lane feeding system is adaptable to quick product changeovers and is suitable for use in large or smaller product runs. Optional screens and/ or vision systems are available for use in specialized applications such as product sorting and/ or product inspection for detecting size, shape and structural deformation.

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