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TCP process support system

April 1, 2013
By Alison Dunn

EdgeTech Automation recently introduced Adaptive’s TCP Process Support System offering high speed, high precision tool re-calibration for robots for single point tools. The device, Sigmund, uses a unique patented Hex 30 technology that in less than a second captures more than 30,000 images to enable exacting measurement and positioning data of symmetric single point tooling used such as Mig Welding Torch, Milling & Deburring Tools, Spot Welding Electrodes, Gluing nozzles & Stud welders. Data captured is placed in a storage folder and enables later preview and evaluation for production performance tracking and analysis. The process is automatic, requires no operator intervention unless the programmed parameters for safe operation are exceeded and demand human intervention to prevent damage or costly rework. Sigmund is CE conformant with an IP67 protection rating, single VGA connector and is supplied complete with pc based programmable software and robot program codes within each unit, thus ensuring the smooth and easy integration into existing production operations or new projects requirements.  The software is installed into existing user pc.

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