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Inline vacuum ejectors

August 9, 2010
By Mary Del

piINLINE is Piab’s new range of inline vacuum ejectors based on its COAX technology. The products are suited for handling components in the electronics industry because the ejectors work at low feed pressures – as low as 0.18 MPa. piINLINE comes in three sizes: Midi, Mini and Micro. Each size is available with a choice of three options to enable optimized performance and capacity for the specific application. The first option, Xi, is designed to work with smooth materials such as glass and plastic. The Si option is recommended for applications where leakage is a significant factor, such as in the packaging industry, and where ejectors are required with large flows to enable reliable gripping, lifting and moving. The Pi (or Bi in smallest models) is suitable for factories in industries with relatively low or fluctuating air pressure.

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