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Mass flow controller

April 12, 2013
By Alison Dunn

Brooks Instrument has launched the GF135, a pressure transient insensitive (PTI) mass flow controller for semiconductor manufacturing. The GF135 is designed to improve yield and uptime with real-time integral rate-of-decay flow measurement and advanced diagnostic capabilities to verify accuracy, check valve leak-by and monitor sensor drift without stopping production of wafers. The device uses Brooks’ patent-pending real-time rate-of-decay flow error detection technology to continually test for changes in the device’s performance. The GF135 features “smarter” functionality with advanced zero drift and valve leak-by diagnostics. Onboard diagnostic logging, zero stability trending and correction, and early detection of valve corrosion or clogging allow semiconductor manufacturers to achieve tighter tolerances and maintain uniformity in etch profiles and critical dimensions.

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