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Bombardier confident of CSeries production ramp up with Quebec workers

April 15, 2013
By The Canadian Press

Bombardier Aerospace expects to ramp up production of its new CSeries aircraft by hiring from a pool of trained Canadian workers instead of turning overseas.

The transportation giant says it is very confident about finding the required workforce to accelerate production of its various commercial and business jet programs over the coming years by working closely with various colleges and universities.

Spokesperson Helene Gagnon says some foreigners from China, Ireland and the U.S. are working on the CSeries but the vast majority of engineers and assembly workers will be local hires.

There have been recent concerns about a shortage of skilled labour in the province.


Quebec Finance Minister Nicolas Marceau says it isn’t yet an acute problem but will worsen as the working age population continues to decline.

He also told reporters following Aero Montreal’s annual meeting that the province needs to encourage more young people to stay in school and get older workers not to retire before they turn 65.

Marceau says there are pressures on all sectors of the economy, not just aerospace, which has developed programs to fight the challenges.

Meanwhile, the minister says using temporary foreign workers isn’t a long-term solution to labour shortages. He called on the federal government to make changes to its program to ensure that Quebecers and Canadians aren’t displaced.

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