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Cable cutting machines boost productivity and error-proofs the process

April 26, 2013
By Special to Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Located in Mississauga, Ont., Kelvin Technologies, a company with more than 100 years of combined experience in electrical heating, controlling and sensing.

Specializing in electrical heaters, microprocessor controls, temperature sensors, custom built harnesses and custom designs, Kelvin Technologies has a product to fit each of their customers’ needs and takes pride in the level of quality built into each of their products.

While working with a specialized thermocouple cable, Kelvin Technologies had been operating by hand using hand tools. The employees were manually cutting, stripping and hand crimping the specialized cable. This process was time consuming and allowed for the possibility of human error. To increase their productivity and efficiency, Kelvin Technologies began to look at other options for processing the cable.

The company consulted with wire and cable processing equipment maker Schleuniger, Inc. After reviewing the problem and possible solutions, Schleuniger recommended three machines that would increase the company’s productivity and help to automate what was currently a tedious, time consuming and inconsistent manual process.

Those machines were an automatic cut and strip machine, a stripping machine and a crimping machine. Each of these machines would allow Kelvin Technologies to achieve the quality they needed while also providing the time and cost efficiency they were looking for.

Best of all, because of the automated process, Kelvin Technologies now achieved consistent, reliable results each and every time and eliminated the variances caused by manually processing the cable.

“With the purchase of the equipment, our rejection rate dropped as these machines eliminated all the possible errors in wire preparation, thus error proofing the process,” says Kelvin Technologies’ manufacturing analyst, Manmohan Flora.

In addition to error proofing the process, Kelvin saved production time and increased quality as the employees no longer have to measure, cut, strip and crimp the wires by hand. With its ability to perform several steps in one ergonomic program, they also gained flexibility for multi-conductor sensor cables.

With these machines now in place, Kelvin has achieved the results they were looking for: a faster and more accurate production all while ensuring the process remains a simple operation for employees.

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