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Ritron, Inc. recently introduced the new HP Series transceiver which features the same high performance RF specifications and reliability as the existing DTX+ Series with the added benefit of a high power transmitter.  This permits signals to penetrate obstacles and/or travel farther distances depending upon how the transceiver is deployed, making it ideal for use within wireless control applications. The HP Series radio features a 5 to 30 Watt transmitter with programmable power settings. Higher power and adjustable power level gives the wireless network system designer greater flexibility to tailor the performance of the DTX+ HP radio to actual requirements for a particular location. The HP Series radio is capable of continuous duty operation at a 15 Watt power output setting and 25 degrees Celsius ambient temperature. Available in the VHF, 220MHz, and UHF frequency bands, this new model features a broadband design allowing maximum use of the frequency band with a single radio.

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