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Conveyors for tight quarters

January 19, 2011
By Mary Del

The 125Z Series line of conveyors from QC Industries, and available from Davis Controls, provides tight product transfer and the ability to fit within confined spaces. Fixed angles minimize the number of required components. The variety of angles and the conveyors’ low-profile (1.89 inches) makes 125Z Series conveyors ideal for use in applications where products need to be moved and raised (or lowered), including manufacturing plants, automation cells, packaging lines, metal stamping and precision manufacturing environments, the company says. The Z-Track allows users to gain control over belt tracking at the angles of incline or decline. This component adjusts rapidly for belt installation and tracking adjustments, and then locks in the tracking setting. Belt widths of eight to 24 inches are available in lengths up to 20 feet, with load carrying capacity of up to 125 pounds and speeds to 225 fmp. A snap-in sealed tail assembly allows belts to be changed in less than five minutes (regardless of belt length or width) using standard hand tools and without re-tracking the belt, the company explains.

Five standard configurations are available. The "Z" configuration moves product horizontally to an incline (or decline) and back to horizontal again. The "L" configuration moves horizontally to an incline and the "R" moves horizontally to a decline. The "U" is a decline-to-horizontal-to-incline conveyor. Each is available with a variety of angles, section lengths and widths.


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