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Industrial-grade LED message displays

May 31, 2013
By Alison Dunn

AutomationDirect has introduced the ViewMarq line of industrial-grade LED message displays, using the latest LED and communications technologies to help communicate important information in industrial environments. Used to display preformatted messages or factory floor data, the displays can be controlled from a PLC or any device that uses supported protocols. Embedded data support allows real-time production data from the controller to be contained within messages. ViewMarq LED message displays support embedded string and numeric variables, as well as blinking text and scrolling (left, right, up, down) messages. They feature tri-color LEDs (red, green, amber) and are available in six models: 1 line x 12 character, 2 lines x 12 character, 4 lines x 12 character, 1 line x 24 character, 2 lines x 24 character, and 4 lines x 24 character. Displays have 140 degree viewing angles, can be mounted in any horizontal position (wall, ceiling, cabinet), and can be wired for 100-240 VAC or 24 VDC power. Each unit is equipped with an accelerometer to ensure a message is automatically displayed in the upright position.

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