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Digital servo drive

November 7, 2005
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

ImageThe fully digital ZDR servo drive is designed to be PCB embedded for demanding OEM applications. Driving brushed or brushless rotary or linear motors, or voice coils, is possible, according to AMC. Optimized for size and weight constraints, the ZDR retains expanded digital functionality. This product is designed to output up to 6 Amps continuous and 12 Amps peak from 20-80 VDC.”The product fits into a 2 x 2.5 inch (51 x 63.5mm) footprint and is compatible for multiple axes applications that fit on the same PCB eliminating all wiring between the controller and the drives. The ZDR weighs 3.4 oz (97 grams), and incorporates 250 Watts/in3 (16 Watts/cm3) of power density.


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