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Multi-purpose simulation software for plant life cycles

July 12, 2013
By Alison Dunn

Mynah Technologies recently announced the release of MiMiC v3.5, a multi-purpose simulation software  designed for plant life-cycle business results. The MiMiC v3.5 Reactor Object is based upon the Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor Unit Operation but can be applied to a wide range of industrial kinetic and catalytic reactors.  The MiMiC Reaction Assistant application provides easy configuration of complex chemical reactions while the Reactor View application gives the user valuable insights into the dynamics and performance of this model.   In addition to the Reactor Object, MiMiC v3.5 includes seven new Advanced Modeling Objects: Multi-Stage Steam Turbine, Surface & Jet Condensers, Vessel with VLE Pipe Delay, and Advanced Source and Sink.  MiMiC Advanced Modeling Objects are easy to configure and maintain, significantly reducing the time and cost required to develop dynamic process simulations.

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