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Megatorque YSB series direct drive motors

May 3, 2005
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

ImageDynaservo Inc. introduces the new Megatorque YSB series of Direct Drive Motors. The ability of the Megatorque Direct Drive Motors to generate high torque and maintain superior accuracy enables them to be coupled directly to the driven load. Direct, stiff coupling to the load eliminates many problems associated with motion transfer over mechanical transmission. The absence of mechanical transmission greatly improves motion system accuracy, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

The Megatorque YSB series Direct Drive Motors have torque ratings of 20, 40, 80 and 120 Nm. The integrated rigid cross roller bearing packed with lubrication grease, supports high axial, radial and moment loads, and ensures highly reliable and long-term maintenance-free operation. The YSB motors incorporate an absolute resolver feedback device for close loop position control, providing superior accuracy and exceptional repeatability.

The YSB Direct Drive Motors interface with the 32-bit microprocessor based Drive Units to deliver multi-functional, flexible and versatile control capabilities. The advanced functionality and connectivity features of Megatorque Drive Units enable flawless interaction with PCs, PLCs and other position controllers to produce dedicated and highly accurate motion control.

The utilization of Megatorque Direct Drive Motors in machine design eliminates gearboxes, bearings and couplings, minimizes machine size, simplifies maintenance and greatly reduces machine costs. The Megatorque Direct Drive Motors are ideally suited to perform indexing operations in robotic welding systems, feeding and positioning operations in CNC machines, inspection systems and automated assembly systems.


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