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Eco-friendly cleaning technology

July 19, 2013
By Alison Dunn

With its EcoCSteam system, Dürr Ecoclean says has developed a new eco-friendly cleaning technology designed to reliably remove both particulate and film-type contamination from parts and surfaces of diverse materials without any use of chemicals. The new steam cleaning process ensures a rapid and reliable removal of particulate and film-type contaminants – e.g., oils, grease, emulsions, mould lubricants, chips, particles, dust and fingerprints – from any material without the use of detergents. Depending on the cleaning task, the water is thus heated to a temperature between 135 and 280 degrees Celsius. Its conversion to steam takes place before the water is pumped from the piping to the cleaning nozzle. Unlike conventional boiler systems, the flow-through steam generating method ensures that steam is made available in constant amounts and quality, thus bringing unvarying steam properties to the cleaning task. The water and steam flow rates as well as heating power can be accurately adapted to the cleaning application via the EcoCSteam system’s programmable logic controller (PLC) which also monitors and controls these parameters permanently.

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