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Four-axis amplifier board for microstepping

May 20, 2005
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

ImageGalil Motion Control introduces its new four-axis SDM-20640 amplifier board designed for microstepping four stepper motors. The SDM-20640 attaches directly to the 96-pin DIN connector of the controller without any need for a cable. For two-axis applications, Galil also offers its new SDM-20620. The compact, 6.92 inches by 5.1 inches SDM-20640 includes four microstepping drives on a single board, with each amplifier able to drive a two-phase bipolar stepper motor operating at 18 VDC to 60 VDC at up to 3.5 Amps. The drives also produce 64 microsteps per full step, or 256 steps per full cycle, resulting in 12,800 steps per revolution for a standard 200-step motor. The maximum step rate generated by the controller is 3,000,000 microsteps per second.
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