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6-axis precision positioner

July 26, 2013
By Alison Dunn

PI recently introduced a new hexapod micro-positioning system, a parallel kinematic platform designed to provide motion with 6-degrees of freedom.
Hexapods produce motion in all 6 degrees of freedom (i.e.  XYZ) as well as pitch, yaw and roll.  With a freely programmable center of rotation these devices are virtually as versatile as the human hand. The new H-820 was developed for applications that require multi-axis motion and high flexibility but do not need precision on a nanometer or sub-micrometer level. Driven by powerful brushless motors, PI’s new model caters to these needs with linear travel to 100 mm, rotary travel to 60 degrees, load capacity of 20 kg, velocity of 20mm/sec, and resolution in the micrometer range. The Hexapod is driven by six high-resolution actuators, all connected directly to one light-weight platform. This principle combines high system stiffness with a large clear aperture. The hexapod comes complete with an advanced motion controller and a comprehensive software package including alignment algorithms, simulation tools, programming examples, and LabView drivers.

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