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Motor controllers

November 19, 2007
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Carlo Gavazzi’s line of RSH Series soft start/stop motor controllers is available in two sizes with basic rotary or advanced push-button controls. The controllers have motor control capacity ranges from 1.5 HP at 220 VAC to 40 HP at 600 VAC. They enable the starting and stopping of three-phase asynchronous motors with a simple three-wire connection to the motor. The RSHR MIDI Series is 45-mm wide and combines the built-in bypassing of semiconductors with a low-profile external heat sink for optimal performance. It is ideal for controlling three-phase motors up to 18 amps in applications demanding a high number of repetitive operations per hour. RSHR and RSHP Flexy POWER Series are 90- mm wide soft start/stop motor controllers, which also combine built-in bypass with a small-profile heat sink for up to 50 starts per hour. All POWER controllers include self-temperature protection, phase loss, wrong sequence detection and PTC inputs. End-of-ramp and alarm-output relays are standard on the RSHP models and optional on the RSHR. Simple rotary potentiometers are used to set ramp up/down timing and initial torque in RSHR models.

Carlo Gavazzi (Canada) Inc.

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