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Slim design connectors

August 9, 2013
By Alison Dunn

Harting has added a Slim Design version to its har-speed X-Code M12 connector lineup developed for the type of Cat. 6A Gigabit Ethernet installations. The har-speed M12 Slim Design with crimp connection, significantly smaller in diameter and length than other M12 connectors, works in any application requiring an X-Code M12 connector, but especially those where space is an issue. The external diameter is only 16.5 mm to facilitate high integration density on devices like switches. The design features a robust housing capable of resisting torques greater than 1.5 Nm. Yet the Slim Design, like the rest of the har-speed series, delivers Cat. 6A and EA transfer performance and is IEC/PAS 61076-2-109 compliant for the 8-wire Ethernet environment. The connectors make it possible to deploy an M12-cabling system that meets the 1/10 Gbit transfer rates and performance class EA required for Cat. 6A in high performance applications designed to conform to IEC/PAS 61076-2-109. These X-code connectors’ new mating face performs two tasks: shielding in the connector area (shielded wire pairs) and the coding of the mating face, while ensuring fault-free plugging with other 8-pole M12 connectors. A connection error with other 8-pole M12s is impossible. The har-speed M12 features overmolded variants in different lengths and a crimp connector for on-site assembly along with panel feed through accessories and board mount receptacles.

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