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New hybrid fluid technology

August 23, 2013
By Alison Dunn

Cimcool Fluid Technology has announced the release of a new lubricant technology for machining and grinding of hard metals. These new Cimtech synthetic fluids feature synergistic lubricant blends that provide increases in productivity without the use of chlorine or other high levels of extreme pressure additives. More production and lower cost per part coupled with environmentally responsible fluids gives significant advantages to customers concerned with being competitive. The new products include:
• Cimtech 627 – A synthetic fluid used in heavy-duty machining and grinding of exotic alloys, this water-based fluid performs best at high speeds and feeds where conventional fluids fail.
• Cimtech 609-E – This water-based fluid exhibits reduced chatter, decreased wheel loading, excellent finish and more machine uptime in hard metal valve grinding and can provide more productivity compared to competitive soluble oils. Customer-documented results show a 52 per cent lower cost per part.
• Cimtech 610 – A unique blend of patented Milacron Synthetic Lubricants makes this perfect for titanium and other hard metals. This fluid performs best at high speeds and feeds where conventional fluids fail and does not contain chlorine, sulfur or phosphorus. It can also be used on aluminum alloys as well.
• Cimtech 612NF – This water-based synthetic is for machining high-silicon aluminum alloys, with machining and tapping capabilities.

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